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You’ve Got a Friend in Jenny Kush

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AUTHOR Nora Lenhardt

Learn about the high-spirited woman behind the beloved strain.

Zesty. Earthy. Uplifting.

Words to describe the late Jenny “Kush” Monson-Frieda and the strain that carries her name. Jenny Kush is one of the most recognizable strains today, taking its place alongside the likes of Jack Herer, Marley’s Collie, and others that commemorate weed warriors.

Every year, growers throughout the States enter their Jenny Kush strains to cannabis competitions, hoping to hype their hybrid and pack joints far and wide. We’ve accumulated quite a few Errl Cup and Cannabis Cup wins for our Jenny Kush products over the last few years, and it continues to be one of our most popular strains.

Before Jenny Kush was a go-to for cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike, she was a passionate young woman in Denver, Colorado. She was a mother, a cannabis activist, a multi-faceted artist, and friend to many.

In 2010, Jenny and her four children left their Montana home for the Mile High City. Whether it was her rainbow hair, gregarious nature, outspoken politics, or a combination of it all, she quickly conjured a community of like-minded individuals that became more like family. She worked as a glassblower at Street Glass, dabbled in tattooing, and hung out with the iCannabisRadio crowd. She co-hosted a show there before eventually starting her own, SexPot Radio. Her show quickly garnered a following for its ability to educate as well as entertain; connecting with people in a raw, authentic way was a distinctive knack of the cannabis icon.

Her impact extended well beyond the microphone. Jenny frequented rallies at the capitol, helped organize Mile High NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) branch, and co-founded Moms for Marijuana in Colorado. It seems there were not enough hours in the day for all her political, creative, and social endeavors, but she was known as a reliable force for any task at hand. Tragically, we’ll never know all she was capable of, as her life was cut short Labor Day weekend of 2013. She was only 34 years old.

After leaving a Summit Music Hall concert with her partner, Jeremy DePinto, the two were struck head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way in the HOV lane. DePinto tried to pull her from the wreckage, having miraculously survived himself, but the damage was done. Jenny “Kush” Monson-Freida succumbed to her injuries.

As word of her untimely death trickled into the cannabis community, friends considered how to best memorialize such a colorful woman. Rare Dankness Seeds founder, Scott Reach, and his wife, Pamela, went right to work. Pairing Rare Dankness #2 with Amnesia Haze resulted in the sativa-dominant Jenny Kush strain we know and love. Proceeds benefited the Jenny Kush Foundation, set up for the well-being of her children.

A decade after her death, Jenny “Kush” Monson-Frieda’s inspiration lives on. While the strain that celebrates her resides within the canon of cannabis greats, her commitment to community echoes evermore. At the center of her being was the desire for everyone to feel included, to feel welcome, to seek a life well-lived.

Remember that sentiment any time you spark some Jenny Kush. With bright fruit and herbal notes, it’s an uplifting high known to ease chronic pain and anxiety, help with focus, and maybe give you the munchies. There’ll be plenty of laughs, too – just as Jenny would have wanted.

Aeriz Jenny Kush flower.