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Our revolutionary grow process suspends plants in air and nurtures them to perfection. While minimizing our environmental impact, we maximize the best parts of the plant to deliver consistently purer products with elevated flavor, aroma, and effects.

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OUR aeroponic APPROACH

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Our aeroponic grow process uses zero soil. Instead, roots are exposed in a custom-fitted table and misted with exactly what they need to thrive. In addition to preserving natural resources, it’s better for the plant. Roots don't have to fight through soil or pests to get nutrients, light, and oxygen, making our plants grow up to three times faster than soil-based cultivation.

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To support roots as they grow, plants are transferred to net pots with clay pebbles to anchor them. These lightweight, porous pebbles help aerate the root system, allowing them to extend through the bottom of the net pot and receive nutrients more consistently and effectively.

Clay Beads

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Suspended roots are misted directly with a nutrient and water solution at exact intervals to ensure plants are getting exactly what they need, when they need it. The mixture itself is then recirculated – instead of thrown down a drain – resulting in 95% less water usage than growing in soil and 30% less than hydroponic growing.

Clay Beads
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For the last 7-10 days of the growth cycle, only water is circulated through the system, forcing the plant to deplete itself of residual nutrients. Essentially, this leaves the plant in its most natural state – free of contaminants and full of strain-specific integrity. Over and over again, our yields test at 0PPM for consistently clean highs.

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Since day one, we’ve stayed true to our mission to minimize our environmental impact. Partnering with an organization like Pachama – whose sole purpose is to reverse the global carbon footprint by modernizing forest carbon credits – takes our commitment even further.

After observing massive deforestation and the early effects of climate change in their Argentinian landscape, Pachama’s founders saw the need for immediate action. They’ve since built a team of expert scientists and engineers who use cutting-edge technology to observe, estimate, and monitor the health of Earth’s ecosystems.

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We’re proud to be vetted by Pachama to ensure we’re adhering to standards that reduce or remove CO2 emissions. By offsetting emissions as our operations expand, we’re supporting Pachama’s many forest-saving endeavors across the globe. We offset over 8,000 tonnes in 2022 and are set to surpass that this year.

Skimping on quality isn’t in our nature, nor is littering landfills. Our packaging is better for the planet and consumers alike. Responsibly storing and stocking our product ensures your hits are as fresh as our good green Earth intended.

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