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Our Products Offer The fullest, most true to strain flavor available.

A full suite of Medicine suited to your needs.

We know that everyone medicates differently- that’s why we’re proud to offer a full range of products made from 100% aeroponic cannabis, ensuring quality and potency with every use. However cannabis fits into your life, we have a product that is perfect for you.


Cannabis Flower

aeriz cannabis flower


Fresh / Pure / Consistent

We’ve spent years cultivating a world-class lineup of strains, from bright sativas to heavy indicas and hybrids to suit any taste in between. Our aeroponic grow process ensures consistent, high-quality cannabis that you can depend on, resulting in flower characterized by its cannabinoids and terpenes, not its residual nutrients.




Sticky / Sugary / Dazzling

A sticky, granulated concentrate that’s both visually stunning and rich in flavor, sugar has quickly become one of the most popular forms of cannabis available today. Our industry-leading processes ensure sugar that retains all the flavor and potency of the original flower.




Smooth / Rich / Immediate

Budder is a whipped concentrate with a thick, creamy consistency that makes it easy and intuitive to enjoy. Like all our concentrates, our budder is created purely from our finest aeroponic flower, giving rise to a lustrous golden resin that’s packed with both flavor and potency.


Diamonds & Sauce


Potent / Decadent / Glistening

A specialized concentrate combining two separate components- “diamonds” of pure THC that float in a pool of cannabis terpene “sauce.” This unique package allows the user to customize their experience with every dab taken, making it perfect for those looking to reach new heights with cannabis.




Glassy / Brittle / Potent

One of the most potent forms of cannabis available, shatter derives its name from the process of making it- resin is cooled into large glass-like sheets, which, if dropped, will “shatter.” This firm resin makes shatter not only one of the most powerful forms of concentrate we offer, but also one of the easiest to work with and enjoy.


Full Spectrum Hash Oil


Edible / Convenient / Precise

Full Spectrum Hash Oil is an exciting, tremendously versatile liquid concentrate that comes in an efficient, easy-to-use twist tube dispenser, allowing it to be dabbed, consumed orally, or even vaped. Made with only flower, triple-filtered, fully activated, and 100% strain-specific, FSHO is a refined, adaptable cannabis product that is ideal for almost any cannabis consumer.


FSHO Cartridge


Flavorful / Robust / Exceptional

For those seeking a truly elevated vaping experience, we offer our Full Spectrum Hash Oil in vape cart form. Full spectrum extraction retains all the plant’s original cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a rich, smooth vape that delivers next-level flavor, purity, and potency.


Cannabis Oil Cartridge


Authentic / Discreet / Refined

We clarify our entire line of carefully curated strains into a pure, refined distillate that can be enjoyed discreetly at a moment’s notice. Ideal for even the busiest of lifestyles, our vape cartridges are not only convenient, but also superior in quality and effectiveness thanks to the transparency of our aeroponic process.




Classic / Thoughtful / Rewarding

Sometimes you need to go
back to the basics. We precision-fill classic ¾ gram RAW cones with whole, fresh-ground flower, giving you the quality and consistency of aeroponic in the most timeless form of cannabis consumption. Medicate with the strains you know and love, in a convenient, easy to use form factor that will never go out of style.


Honey Sticks


Sweet / Subdued / Indulgent

Whether you’re looking for a smoke-free way to consume cannabis, a milder dosage, or just want to add a little treat to your breakfast, infused honey sticks are a fun, delicious way to sweeten up tea, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, and more.