at its purest

Whether using medicinally to soothe, seeking a euphoric experience, or simply leveling up your daily routine, our product lineup pairs with however weed fits into your world. Crafted with unmatched experience and expertise, expect a high-quality aeroponic hit every time.

01 / flower

Flower Product

Our aeroponic flower is characterized by its cannabinoids and terpenes, rather than residual nutrients. We carefully curate an expansive rotation of strains that embody cannabis at its fullest and finest.


02 / Live Hash Rosin

Live Rosin Badder Product

Our intricate process reveals a depth of flavor and effects that are true to the original plant. Slightly firmer than budder, dab the luxe “batter” texture for fully elated bliss.

live rosin

03 / Vapes

Live Rosin Vape Product

A no-fuss way to send your senses soaring. Meticulously crafted from fresh-frozen flower without using solvents, our Live Rosin cartridge is a potent work of undiluted beauty.   


04 / Vapes

Live Flower Vape Product

Delicately extracted from flash-frozen flower, precious terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved throughout the process. Savor all aspects of the original strain in every inhale.


05 / Vapes

Full Spectrum Vape Product

Experience the awe of our signature Full Spectrum Hash Oil in our equally extraordinary vape cartridge. Enjoy a rush of robust flavor and true-to-strain effects with discretion and ease.


06 / Vapes

Element Vape Product

We combine cannabis-derived terpenes with refined distillate for an elevated everyday cartridge that’s full of flavorful benefits while remaining cost-effective. Truly a staple of any stash.


07 / Live Resin

Live Resin Budder Product

We flash-freeze our flower at peak harvest to retain strain integrity – and then extract the magic. Our budder’s whipped, creamy consistency is any dabber’s dream.

Live Resin

08 / Live Resin

Live Resin Sugar Product

Slightly sticky and gritty to the touch, its consistency mesmerizes as much as its amber hue. Every strain-specific attribute is preserved throughout extraction, resulting in full flavor and superior strength.

live resin

09 / Live Resin

Live Resin<br> Diamonds & Sauce Product

THC “diamonds” float in a pool of lush terpene “sauce” in one of our most specialized extracts. Lean into experimentation and customization as you sail to your sweet spot.

live resin

10 / full spectrum hash oil

Full Spectrum Hash Oil Product

Triple-distilled, fully activated, and strain-specific, FSHO is a highly versatile liquid extract that can be dabbed, vaped, smoked, or added to food and beverages for extra oomph.


11 / Pre-Rolls

Pre-Rolls Product

Our .5-gram cones are filled with only fresh-ground, strain-specific aeroponic flower. Get strains you know and love in packs of two and ease your way through the day. 


12 / Pre-Rolls

FSHO Infused Pre-Rolls Product

For a harder hitting inhale, our infused pre-rolls offer an abundance of amplified effects. We add strain-specific FSHO to freshly ground flower, deepening every drag.


13 / full spectrum hash drops

Mango Delight Drops Product

Made with our signature FSHO and no distillate, our Delight Drops contain equal parts THC and CBD for an approachable, even-keeled high. Edible beginners, take note.  


14 / full spectrum hash drops

Black Cherry Bliss Drops Product

Crafted with FSHO, every Drop contains the benefits of original cannabinoids and terpenes. With balanced amounts of THC and CBN, Bliss Drops can help calm a myriad of qualms.


15 / full spectrum hash drops

Tangerine Clarity Drops Product

Fully comprised of strain-specific FSHO, our Clarity Drops elicit a burst of energy to tackle a creative task, take an epic journey, or tap into your social side.


16 / full spectrum hash drops

Lychee Clarity Drops Product

With 5mg of THC apiece from uplifting sativa-dominant strains, our Clarity Drops will likely provide an energetic boost, creative musings, and lots of laughter.


17 / full spectrum hash drops

Guava Refresh Drops Product

Both CBD and CBG are non-psychoactive compounds that balance out THC’s floatier effects in our 1:1:1 Refresh Drops recipe. CBG is a rare cannabinoid recognized for its restorative and uplifting nature.


18 / full spectrum hash drops

Yuzu Focus Drops Product

The 2:1 ratio of THCv to THC in our Focus Drops prompts a clearheaded high without the paranoia sometimes associated with THC. Often compared to a cup of coffee, many enthusiasts start their day with the mild stimulation of THCv.


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