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Aeroponically Grown Pure & consistent cannabis

Better cannabis starts at the roots.

Aeroponic growing is a revolutionary grow process that uses a recyclable grow medium instead of soil. Clean white roots are suspended in a custom-fitted table and misted with the precise amounts of nutrients and water.

  • 1. Unrivaled consistency
  • 2. Clean, bright & flavorful
  • 3. Environmentally friendly

The greener side of growing green.

Aeroponic cultivation is better for the environment. We have no soil waste and use a closed-loop system to minimize nutrient waste.

Aeroponic cannabis elevates and amplifies the natural essence of cannabis, resulting in increased flavor & effects.

Nearly identical flower from batch to batch

Our Offerings

Here are a some of the products that we’re proud to bring to patients and enthusiasts nation-wide.

  • Flower
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Full Spectrum Hash Oil
  • FSHO Cartridge
  • Distillate Cartridge
  • Shatter
  • Sugar
  • Budder
  • Diamonds & Sauce
  • Honey Sticks

Our aeroponic flower is unmatched in purity and consistency.