We wouldn’t be able to admire shimmering, frosty buds without trichomes. It’s obvious the gloriously icy glands are beautiful on the outside, but many ignore their internal beauty. Let’s dive into the scientific processes that make trichomes so magical.

medical cannabis bud covered in trichomes


Trichomes serve essentially as a cannabinoid factory. They pull compounds from the stalk of the plant and combine with UV light to create all our beloved cannabinoids: THC, CBD, etc. Without trichomes, there would be little euphoric or medicinal effects to cannabis.

As a result of their location on the exterior of the plant, proper lighting is crucial for trichomes. If a plant is over or under-lit, they will fail to produce the proper cannabinoids.


Scientists speculate trichomes evolved to protect cannabis plants from weather, pests and fungi. The gooey resin heads serve as a general barrier, insulating the plant’s body from threats. Funnily enough, many scientists believe THC content evolved as a way to disorient herbivores and prevent them from eating cannabis.


Some of the most potent medicinal products – kief, shatter and hash – are nearly all trichomes. These products take the cannabinoid-packed trichome content of cannabis and package it in a potent, effective form.

medical cannabis kief

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