The original recipe for Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) may be simple – fresh buds and isopropyl alcohol – but its effects are staggeringly profound. First crafted in 2003 by Canada’s Rick Simpson, resin-based concoction is used to treat a remarkable amount of medical disorders from cancer to pain.

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When diagnosed with skin cancer over a decade ago, Rick Simpson found himself with few options. Neither surgery nor pharmaceutical meds freed him of cancer and Rick, a longtime cannabis activist, had to get creative. He used a solvent to extract the healing properties of cannabis and used the resulting oil on his cancerous cells. Rick was thrilled to see positive results – his cancer went into remission and he has preached the magic of RSO ever since.


Since Rick pioneered medicinal cannabis oil, tens of thousands of patients have benefited from RSO. Its medicinal properties are wide spanning – everyone from AIDS patients to pain patients to cancer patients have found relief in RSO. For those who don’t like or are unable to smoke medical cannabis, RSO is great as it can be applied topically or orally. No inhalation needed.


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