Live resin is a type of butane hash oil, or BHO. It differs from most forms of BHO in that flowers are extracted while fresh and frozen. Freezing the plants immediately after harvesting ensures that the terpenes are preserved. With other forms of BHO the flowers are usually dried and cured before extraction, which can significantly affect the flavor of the final product.

Citrus Fruits- Fruity Live Resin


Due to the lack of curing, live resins have a much greater terpene content. Terpenes are responsible for the aromatics of the cannabis flower. This increased terpene profile results in a fuller and more flavorful experience. Patients have grown to love the refreshing and often fruity taste of live resin. Although they provide a greater terpene profile, the average live resin contains the same quantity of THC as most other types of BHO. Increased flavor profiles in live resin also usually equate to a higher average cost. Patients can expect to pay more for live resin than other forms of BHO like wax or shatter. This could be due in part to a decrease in yield when comparing live resins to other forms BHO.


Although most forms of BHO such as shatter have a clear, glossy appearance, many forms of live resin are characterized by a crumbly and sticky consistency. This change is due in part to the addition of rich and gooey cannabis flower resins.

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