In Good Company: A Look Back at our Best Year Yet



AUTHOR Nora Lenhardt

From festivals to cemeteries to yoga, magic was everywhere in 2023.

If you’re one of the thousands of people we met this past year, props for showing up in style. Truly, none of what we do would matter if there was no one there to a) smoke it and b) energize every event. Before 2024 really revs up, we’re reflecting on a few of our favorite happenings of 2023.


As a staple of summer in Chicago, we knew we had to show up at Pitchfork in our own special way. Amidst rows of rowdy food trucks, beverage slingers, and merch booths, our floral oasis was a welcomed reprieve within cityscape grounds. As bands gave it their all, our epic AR experience also took center stage.

Enter the Mirror: Aeriz x Empty Bottle

In partnership with one of Chicago’s greatest music venues, Empty Bottle, we brought people together for Beyond the Gates at the Bohemian National Cemetery. With the utmost respect for the grounds and neighbors alive and at rest, we implored guests to bask in sounds both musical and environmental, celebrate memories faded as new ones are made, and enjoy the right here, right now. With cannabis’ many noted benefits, thoughtful reflection often gets left off the lists. That warm summer day, it was definitely in the air.

Silver Room Sound System Block Party

Cannabis and music – is there a better pairing? A stone’s throw from Lake Michigan and the skyline shining bright, we elevated the vibes at the 18th annual Silver Room Sound System Block Party. As a Chicago institution for nearly 30 years, The Silver Room has led community arts and cultural initiatives by raising new voices, applauding expression, and curating spaces where creative freedom reigns supreme.

Bomb Appétit

We were blown away by many masterful chefs this past year. It was incredible to experience their infused creations while hanging amongst friends. With cannabis chefs, bakers, and foodies on the rise, we expect more buzzworthy meals in the future.

Nomu Chicago


Faux Twenty

We ate, we partied, we recovered with gratitude. With BAAM Yoga’s guided movement and treats provided by yours truly, these sessions added extra moments of relaxation and bliss.

We can’t wait to catch up with you all in 2024!