You won’t walk into any modern dispensary without hearing the word concentrate. It’s used everywhere for everything – Wax, Shatter, Tinctures, Extracts…the list goes on. As a result, things can get confusing. Let’s dissect what separates different concentrates and how aerīz employs care and technology to make leading products in each category.

butane honey oil concentrates


BHO – a concentrate commonly used in dabbing and for vape pens – is revered by extractionists and patients alike for its potency. Effective in treating chronic pain and cancer symptoms, BHO is generally 80%+ THC with little CBD content.

aerīz has a state-of-the-art BHO extraction system and our BHO products far exceed the state butane test threshold.


Co2 is used to extract cannabinoids in a process called supercritical fluid extraction. It’s one of the most effective extraction methods and is revered for its ability to maintain crucial strain features – terp and flavor profiles.

aerīz is proud to own a leading Co2 extraction set-up and look forward to releasing Co2-extracted tinctures by marQaha this year.


Through a short path distillation process, the odorless, potent concentrate called clear is birthed. Short path distillation is a new technology sweeping the industry. In essence, you distill BHO into a clear, purely cannabinoid concentrate free of lipids and terpenes. It’s a way to isolate cannabinoids in their purest form, and clear can be re-infused with terps after distillation.

aerīz employs a brand new SPD system to make pure cannabinoid clear for a variety of products

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