aerīz is thrilled to partner with Colorado-based marQaha to bring superior medicinal cannabis drinks and drops to Illinois. Since 2010, marQaha has worked tirelessly to capture the beauty of flower cannabis in a liquid form, and they’ve won numerous awards including: 2015 and 2016 Cannabis Cup “Top 15 Edibles” and 2016 Edibles Magazine “Best Edibles.”

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Where many concentrates and extracts are simply liquefied THC, marQaha ensures the prowess of flower cannabis is maintained from production to consumption.

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tinQtures and flasQs offer a full spectrum of cannabinoids, reintroduced terpenes and natural cannabis-enhancing compounds (chamomile tea, coffee, blueberry extract, etc.). marQaha is deeply committed to the entourage effect – the synergistic interaction between cannabis compounds – and its increased relief for patients.

marQaha tinQture

marqaha sativia tincture


marqaha indica tincture


marqaha blend tincture


marQaha flasQ

marqaha indica flask

Blueberry Chamomile

marqaha lemonade black tea flask

Lemonade Black Tea

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